Yoga Studio

julie-yoga-clifftopOur dedicated yoga studio is light and spacious. We welcome all abilities including complete beginners. if you have a medical condition, please speak to your doctor for advise about attending a yoga class. Please talk to us about which yoga class would suit you. Yoga is safe for most people if you work within your own capabilities to develop your practice in a beneficial way.

Classes are £6 each, except for mindfulness and Zen which are £4 (£3 for mindfulness if you are a member of the U3A).

Some classes are payable to the teacher e.g Zen (£4) please ask for more details.

Yoga sessions are approx one and a quarter hours long and meditation is an hours session.

Weekly Events in the Yoga Studio

(please click on an event to find out more).

Zoom and One to On One Classes: If you would like to join in with Mary’s Thursday classes over Zoom, or find out about one to one classes, please contact Mary.






Vegan, Yoga Relaxing Two Day Break

New for 2017, our friends The Richmond Guest House are offering a relaxing two day break in Bridlington on the stunning East Yorkshire Coast at a very attractive price. Please see their website for details.