Yoga Studio


Our dedicated yoga studio is light and spacious. We welcome all abilities including complete beginners.  Please talk to us about which yoga class would suit you. Yoga is safe for most people if you work within your own capabilities to develop your practice in a beneficial way.

We also run ad-hoc events and courses throughout the year; follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

The Yoga studio is available to hire for £12 per hour, email or call the shop on 01262 676422 to book.

Weekly Events in the Yoga Studio

Class Information and Contact Details

Yoga With Jo

“Within the wider context of Yoga I lead a Yoga Asana practice. Poses are held for the benefit of the body and breath, allowing us to connect internally with our mind. Asana can be adapted for each individual student. We also include breath awareness and times of contemplation. We end with ‘rest’ to restore the physical body and the mind, leaving you ready to walk from your mat into the rest of your day.
Yoga usually involves some kneeling and forward bending. Please check with your GP before attending if you have any ongoing health conditions which you think may affect your ability to practice.

Zen Meditation”

Pilates With Jos

Hatha Yoga With Kath

Vinyasa Flow Yoga With Beth

Mindfulness With Mark

Move4Medicine Yoga & Mindfulness

Runner’s Yoga With Justine

Vinyasa Krama Yoga with Julie

If you have a medical condition, please speak to your doctor for advice about attending a yoga class.