Lama Lhakpa Yeshe

Lama Lhakpa Yeshe Visited Planetwise on 8th October 2019

‘Lama Lhakpa Yeshe is a teacher of compassion. Of course, all Buddhist teachers are teachers of compassion but for me Lama Lhakpa is special. He is humble and has a great sense of humour. He is the embodiment of compassion’ – Satish Kumar

Lama Lhakpa Yeshe meditating on top of a moutain with trees behind him and more mountains behind that
Lama Lhakpa Yeshe

Lama Lhakpa Yeshe gave a talk and meditation practice at Planetwise on Tuesday 8th October.  It was inspiring and insightful. 

Thank you Lama Lhakpa Yeshe.