Core Yoga with Rebecca

Rebecca, yoga teacher who is kneeling

Core Yoga is led by Rebecca Thompson, a British Wheel of Yoga teacher, with an interest in helping individuals enjoy yoga not just in their classes but in their daily lives too. Rebecca has been practicing yoga since she was 16 years old and has experience with many different yoga disciplines which is reflected in the varied and unique style of classes. Since qualifying as a BWY teacher in 2006, Rebecca has undergone further specialist training including teaching mature students, yoga for chronic back pain, pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga and hypnobirthing,  meditation, mantra and pranayama.


Classes combine posture work (asana) to build strength and flexibility with breath work (pranayama) to energize and relax. Sometimes postures are linked together to form a flowing sequence which we can set to music. Other times we break down, analyze and hold postures on a continual learning journey that is the life blood of yoga.

Rebecca teaches Core Yoga at Planetwise each Friday at 8am.