Choose a Vegan Gift

When you choose to buy a vegan gift, there are ethical and environmental benefits.

You are Being Kind to Animals

First of all, you can be assured that no animal has suffered in the production of the gift. Gifts which are not suitable for vegans may contain products such as glue which has been manufactured from animal parts. Many non vegan cosmetics, perfume and bodycare products have been tested on animals.

The Vegan Society LogoBy buying a product with the vegan society logo on it, you know that it has been produced in an ethical way which does not harm any animal.

You are Being Kind to Our Planet

Climate change is the greatest threat to our planet. The destruction of precious rainforest to graze cattle for the meat and leather industry and the waste products produced by the 8 billion animals killed for food each year in the UK alone, is unsustainable.

When you buy a vegan gift, you are contributing to companies who are thinking about the environment.

You are Supporting Local, Ethical Business

Many big brand companies are in business solely to make a profit for themselves and their shareholders. Making a profit at the expense of the environment is killing our planet and the beings who rely on the natural world for their habitat and existence.

In contrast, Planetwise buys most of its products from Suma. This is a cooperative based in Yorkshire which only sells vegan and vegetarian products. It also has a sustainable palm oil policy. Palm oil could be viewed as non vegan as it’s production causes the loss of habitat for critically endangered species such as orang-utan apes. However animal agriculture is the source of 51% of all greenhouse gases and 91% of amazon rainforest destruction. It is the number one cause of species destruction, the number one cause of ocean dead zones and the number one cause of all deforestation (PETA UK).

We are an independent store and all our purchasing decisions are vegan and as ethical as possible. We also try to purchase organic and fairtrade whenever possible.


We Have Ideas for Easter

With Easter coming up, most of us are thinking of a suitable gift for our loved ones. Planetwise is proud to have a great selection of gifts available online and in its shop in Prospect Street, Bridlington.

Vegan and Gluten Free Too

Being gluten free and vegan can be a challenge and we have a very good selection of products in our shop and online. We can think vegan for our pets too. We have a great gift selection of vegan friendly products for dogs.

choose vegan gift for your best friend

Please look at our gift shop online. We can alter gift selections if you would like, subject to stock availability as we also take phone sales by phoning 01262 676422 between 9.30 and 4.30.

Yoga Classes as a Gift

We teach a broad range of yoga, relaxation and meditation classes, and supply gift vouchers which can be used for classes or any products in the shop or online.

Please do contact us for further details and seasons greetings to all. X