Iyengar Yoga with Christine

Christine doing iyengar yoga pose
Christine, our Iyengar yoga teacher

Iyengar Yoga helps students to focus on correct alignment of the body, ensuring that the student is working safely with maximum benefit to their flexibility, strength and wellbeing. Classes start with simple poses and gradually move to more advanced poses, sometimes using blocks and belts for those with less flexibility or strength to achieve their maximum potential.

Appropriate adjustments are made for people with specific mobility problems, therefore classes are suitable for any age or ability. Students leave the class feeling lighter and calmer and often report a better nights sleep following a class.

Class Times and Availability

Iyengar yoga at Planetwise with Christine is at 2pm every Wednesday.  Please click here for contact details and directions.

About Christine, Our Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Christine Rumley is trained to a high standard and has been teaching yoga for more than ten years, undertaking rigorous training and assessments to teach at an intermediate level. For more information please visit her website www.yogaeastyorkshire.vpweb.co.uk