Hatha Yoga with Mary

Hi I’m Mary Elliott.

I set up Planetwise in March 2016 to spread the word about vegan living and yoga practice. Many people have helped along the way and it is thanks to the many friends, customers, students, teachers and staff that we enjoy a thriving community shop.

Mary Elliott, Hatha Yoga Teacher

Mary Elliott, yoga teacher with her pet turkey
Mary Elliott, yoga teacher

I started my yoga journey with the British wheel of yoga, gaining the diploma to teach in 2004. I have further trained with Ranju Roy of Sadhana Mala including a visit to India in 2012.

The practice of meditation has been part of my life since 1990 when I started to attend the Croydon Buddhist centre. Over the years, I have lived and worked in an educational community, Monkton Wyld court in Dorset and studied and practiced many forms of meditation including mindfulness, friends of the western Buddhist order and Thai forest. Being in the moment is the core principle of all practices and I enjoy chanting the Yoga sutras of Patanjali in Sanskrit.

My yoga and meditation sessions are suitable for all ages including beginners. Do contact me to discuss any queries you might have including medical conditions.

I am a qualified reflexologist and give sessions on Tuesday mornings.

Meditation Sessions

Our meditation sessions include some chanting of the sutras and a variety of meditation techniques including mindfulness of the breath, Meta bhavana (generating loving kindness) and chakra meditation. Meditation session are 1 hour in length. Cost is £3.

The Wednesday session Mindfulness meditation has less chanting and more practical mindfulness techniques to use in our daily lives.

Hatha Yoga Sessions

Yoga sessions are 1.25 hours in length. First class is free, after that £5.50.
For a monthly fee of £25 you can attend 2 yoga classes and a meditation class per week. For £35 you can attend unlimited classes, space permitting.

Session Schedule